How To Avoid The Need For An Ambulance During Deer Season

As you’re probably aware if you live in Wisconsin, deer season is only two days away. Soon hunters from all across the state will be headed to their stands and blinds as gun opener begins on Saturday, and every year we field a number of calls related to deer and deer camp. In an effort to help keep you safe when you’re hunting or simply driving around during deer season, we wanted to share some simple safety tips to keep […]

Know The Warning Signs Of Seasonal Affective Disorder

We turned our clocks back this past weekend, and while it gave us an extra hour of sleep and a little more daylight during the morning hours, the time change also means that it’s now dark by 5:00 p.m. The days will continue to get shorter until late December, and we also expect the temperatures to drop, and these less desirable days can lead to an increase in what’s known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Seasonal affective disorder is […]

Gold Cross Launching Free EMT Cadet Program

We’re excited to announce that Gold Cross Ambulance Service Inc. is launching the region’s first EMT cadet program. Not only will you get hands-on experience developing the skills you need for a career in emergency medicine, but we’ll actually pay you to get your EMT certification and State of Wisconsin EMS License! This new course is being administered by the Lake Country Fire and Rescue, a state of Wisconsin certified training center and is instructed by Gold Cross Ambulance Paramedics […]