Thank you for registering for a Gold Cross Ambulance training class.

Please complete the following form to secure your dates and pay your bill online. The SUBMIT button will ask you to complete additional information as needed. Fields with an asterisk require a response. We will follow up to confirm your registration.

All classes are currently full for the month of May.  A submission form will be made available again on May 25th.   For class information call Katie @ 920-967-6073

Billing Information

Class Type Per Person Rate Includes Materials Initial Class Length Refresher Class Length
TEAM CPR/AED/CHOKING $35.00 3 hours 3 hours
TEAM CPR/AED/CHOKING/FAID/BBP $44.00 4.5 hours 4.5 hours
TEAM CPR/AED/CHOKING/FAID/BBP/OXYGEN Administration $48.00 5.5 hours 5.5 hours

Gold Cross Ambulance Training Classes Charges

  • All classes are billed as if there is a minimum of 10 students.
  • More than 12 students assigned to a class? Contact our Education Department at (920) 967-6073 so an additional instructor can be assigned.
  • Our Out of Area Rates (classes exceeding 15 minutes from Menasha):
    • Per mile charge of $0.55.
    • Travel time is billed at $30 per hour in 15-minute increments.
  • To split classes across multiple days, please contact Katie Halbach at (920) 967-6073
  • Per diem food charge is $50 where applicable.
  • Accommodations where applicable.
  • Charge for split classes is an additional $50 per class. Classes split 3 times is an additional $75.
  • Classes are billed the day they are taught, or in the case of multiple classes, the day the last class is taught for the month.
  • If the total number of students exceeds 10 per class, additional students will be billed at the regular class rate.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel a scheduled class, please contact Gold Cross at (920) 967-6067 no later than noon, two business days prior to the class. If the class is canceled after that time, a $100 cancellation fee will be assessed per class canceled.

Contact Information

John Kuehl, Logisitics Manager
(920) 967-6067