Bleeding control saves lives

Gold Cross Ambulance supports our community’s effort to train bystanders, so they can help in a bleeding emergency. We live in a world where dangerous situations are real. Massive bleeding from any cause, especially in a situation where professional emergency response is delayed, can result in death.

Similar to how bystanders learn and perform CPR, bystanders can learn bleeding control techniques, including how to use their hands, dressings and tourniquets. A victim can die from uncontrolled bleeding within minutes. But, much as a bystander can step up to perform hands-only CPR for a victim of cardiac arrest, anyone at the scene of a bleeding emergency can respond immediately to save a life.

To arrange for one of our instructors to present an interactive training session on bleeding control with your group or organization, please contact Nick Romenesko, clinical and quality manager:
(920) 967-6068