How To Avoid The Need For An Ambulance During Deer Season

As you’re probably aware if you live in Wisconsin, deer season is only two days away. Soon hunters from all across the state will be headed to their stands and blinds as gun opener begins on Saturday, and every year we field a number of calls related to deer and deer camp. In an effort to help keep you safe when you’re hunting or simply driving around during deer season, we wanted to share some simple safety tips to keep […]

Will Insurance Or Medicare Cover The Cost Of An Ambulance Ride?

Nobody wants to get hit with a hefty medical bill, but when an emergency develops, the financial ramifications take a back seat to ensuring that you have access to the best medical care. Oftentimes an ambulance can help ensure you have access to this urgent medical care, but there are typically costs associated with an ambulance dispatch or transportation. Since most people haven’t experienced many rides in an ambulance, we often get asked about the cost of an ambulance and […]

What To Do (And What To Avoid) While Waiting For An Ambulance

Even though many ambulances can arrive on the scene of an emergency in minutes, waiting for the ambulance can feel like a lifetime. You might feel helpless while you’re waiting for paramedics to arrive, but what you do in these moments can have a huge impact on the outcome of the situation. With that in mind, we wanted to share some things you should do (and some things you shouldn’t) while you’re waiting for an ambulance to arrive during an […]