Can the Ice Scraper in Your Back Seat Save Lives?

With the arrival of the beautiful fall colors in the Fox Valley, many of us are waking up to a frosty windshield. Personally, I have been guilty of running late in the morning and taking off with a partially frosted windshield and windows on a brisk morning. Not only is this dangerous, but illegal in Wisconsin! [1] It may mean setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier than normal to avoid unsafe and reckless driving habits. In addition, you also have […]

Responding to Drownings

We are right in the thick of hot summer days which means time in lakes, rivers, and pools. Always have a spotter to keep an eye out for signs of drowning. Even with experienced swimmers.  In the event of a drowning incident it is exceptionally important to know how to perform CPR with compression and ventilation’s.  Gold Cross hosts several public training’s at Farmer’s Markets, Safety Days, and our annual CPR @ the Park night July 20th at Nueroscience Field […]

We’ll Go the Distance for your Heart

It’s a race against time when a heart attack hits. The American Heart Association helps us pick up the pace. In fact, we’re proud to share that we’ve achieved the association’s Mission: Lifeline EMS cardiac care standards. It means we’re providing the right training and care for your heart. That’s because we’ve got our eye on the prize: your life. We hope you’ll keep your eye on us.