At Gold Cross, we’re always looking for new ways to make training and simulations more lifelike so that our team is always ready when an emergency develops. Recently, we added a new member to our team that we believe will help ensure our staff are prepared for any situation that comes their way.

We’re pleased to introduce ADAM-X, or just ADAM for short. ADAM is a male patient simulator designed for practicing skills and providing medical assistance in the event of an emergency. ADAM is a reproduction of the skeletal and anatomical structure of a human male, with realistic anatomy and humanized skin. Not only does his automatic blinking vary based on his simulation status, but his pupils react to light and his tongue can swell as well.

Unlike less advanced simulation devices, ADAM is completely wireless and tetherless, and it can track data in real time to measure how responders are handling the situation. For example, during CPR training, ADAM can measure the accuracy of the hand placement, as well as the depth and rate of compression. This feedback helps emergency personnel make small tweaks to their techniques so that when they need to use them in the field, they can have confidence that everything is performed exactly as it should be.

ADAM’s Additional Features

Aside from everything mentioned above, ADAM also comes equipped with:

  • A variety of sounds to stimulate breathing or a heart beat.
  • The ability to say “yes,” “no,” and some interjections.
  • A trackable pulse on the carotid, femoral, radial, dorsal and popliteal arteries.
  • A realistic respiratory tract with fully independent right and left lungs.
  • The ability to use real defibrillators and electrocardiograms on the device.
  • The ability to recognize and adapt to a simulated received drug.

Our team was able to partake in some training exercises and simulations with ADAM earlier this month, and it was a huge success. We’re very pleased to have ADAM on our team for the foreseeable future, and we know that his presence will help our responders become even more valuable assets during an emergency situation.

As always, if you need help during an emergency or with a non-emergency medical transport, we hope you’ll lean on the team at Gold Cross Ambulance Service. For more information, or to speak with a member from our team, give us a call today at (920) 727-3020.

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