Meet Mike Vanderperren.  Better known as “Zip” a nickname he got on his first day as a shift cadet at Gold Cross.  He has been an employee of Gold Cross since 1988, going on 31 years of full time service! He is the 1,143rd Paramedic to be licensed in the state of Wisconsin, making him one of the original Paramedics in the entire state!

Zip, What is your favorite part about being a Paramedic?

“The people I work with and the people I treat.”

What do you do for fun?

“I enjoy riding my E-Bike with my wife and taking vacations in Florida.”

Do you have any advice for new Paramedics and EMT’s?

“If there is a little voice that tells you something is not right, it’s probably not right!” (Referring to scene safety of a 911 call)

Thanks Zip!

Starting this Monday, We will be introducing our Paramedics and EMTs so you can get to know some of our great staff who respond to the 911 calls of the Fox Cities and Gold Cross service area. Have a great week and stay safe!

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