With the arrival of the beautiful fall colors in the Fox Valley, many of us are waking up to a frosty windshield. Personally, I have been guilty of running late in the morning and taking off with a partially frosted windshield and windows on a brisk morning. Not only is this dangerous, but illegal in Wisconsin! [1] It may mean setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier than normal to avoid unsafe and reckless driving habits. In addition, you also have to remove the snow and ice from the top of your vehicle as well. This has the potential to fly off on the roadway and injure or kill others. Using your ice scraper is a perfect way to reduce the one hundred motor vehicle deaths a day that occur in the US. [2]

Sure, maybe I could use the ice scraper sitting in my trunk for 6 months out of the year as a leg splint or an over-sized windlass for a makeshift tourniquet. However, I think that I prefer the intended use of clearing snow and ice and doing my part to reduce preventable motor vehicle deaths in the Fox Cities!

Video of Ice Damaging Car:



[1]Wisconsin State Legislature 346.88(3)(a) and 346.88(4)

[2] https://www.cdc.gov/motorvehiclesafety/costs/index.html


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