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Let our education team provide you and your organization with the best Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training around. We offer standard classes in CPR and AED use, first aid and bloodborne pathogens, and oxygen administration. We will gladly customize our training to create a program that meets your needs.

We produce our own videos that enhance our teaching. They mimic real-life situations. Class participants routinely tell us the videos helped prepare them for what they might encounter. Plus, our hands-on approach gets participants involved and learning in ways that are both practical and fun. Participants receive recognition of completion at the end of the course. We provide all the equipment and supplies for the training. Our training follows OSHA guidelines and comes with a two-year certification.

“In the 20 years we’ve done this training, our Gold Cross instructor was the best we’ve ever had.”

– Delmer Volpel, Reynolds Packaging

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