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Many have been contacting us via email, Facebook messenger, posts on our Facebook page and tagging us in other Facebook posts regarding the recent situation in Salt Lake City, Utah and Mr. Payne.

We understand the emotional response to this incident. We also understand and respect the number of concerned citizens and potential recipients of service making their voice and concerns heard.

Please understand that we are not in any way affiliated with the Gold Cross Ambulance Service in Utah nor are we affiliated with any other Gold Cross Ambulance Service across the country.

Mr. Payne is not an employee of ours.

We encourage each of you to contact the Gold Cross Ambulance Service in Salt Lake City to share your concern.

We are trying to keep up with replying to messages and comments to our page, if we missed yours we apologize.
If you have left a negative comment or review on our page, we encourage you to remove the post understanding it was made in error.

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