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About Us: First Responders (EMR)

Emergency Medical Responders

A first responder (now called Emergency Medical Responder or EMR for short) is a volunteer community member, or professional firefighter or police officer who has taken a 45-hour EMR course at a technical college and is trained to provide CPR and first aid, and is trained in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

There are currently 26 EMR groups in the Gold Cross service area. Every community serviced by Gold Cross has emergency medical responders, and we partner with all of them.

With more than 300 EMRs and 100 paramedics in the Fox Cities, it is important that everyone knows their role, communicates and works together as a team. To ensure that processes and teams work smoothly when on scene, Gold Cross provides a paramedic liaison to each first responder group. In addition, all EMRs are invited to quarterly training sessions sponsored by Gold Cross.